Welcome to Cut the Sweat!

Cut The Sweat is a social media campaign that aims to bring unfair sweatshop labour in the garment industry back into our attentions!

We spend so much money on clothes each year that Australia has become the highest spending nation in the world. According to Vogue Australia, we spend about $1430 per person each year just on clothes. Crazy! That’s $1430 that could have gone into our University tuitions, savings for a home deposit or our super fund, but no, being trendy is far more important that any of that. And how can we resist when some of our favourite brands are offering “exclusive sales” with “season must-haves going for more than 50% off?!” Ahhh, the bargain is too real. So we fall into this vicious cycle of buying clothes we don’t even need!

But besides our money flying straight out of our pockets and into the profit banks of the already rich and powerful, we are forgetting one very important by-product of our incessant spending: Labour violations. 

It seems totally off-topic right? But wrong, its so on-topic! The true price of what we know now as fast fashion is often the rights and freedoms of over 180 million underprivileged women and children world-wide. In fact, we already know this. We all know women and children in developing countries are forced to work 14 hour days with no proper meal breaks in hot and stuffy warehouses to produce the clothes we wear today. But we’ve seemed to have become complacent. We just don’t care anymore. As long as we get that cute top for under $10, its happy days, right?

Again, wrong. This cycle needs to stop. We need to care just a little more about those who are suffering in sweatshop conditions overseas. What Cut The Sweat aims to do is to bring back the once robust anti-sweatshop movement and make young Australians rethink before they buy. Taking a small step to reduce the demand for fast fashion so fairness in worker’s rights can be achieved.

It’s time to #CutTheSweat. Think fair trade. Wear the right thing.

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