Something VERY unjust about the Just Group…

We brought to you a list of some of Australia’s sketchy brands in a post a couple of weeks ago, but we saved two of the biggest for this week’s expose. The first is the Just Group – responsible for Jay Jays and Just Jeans, Portmans and Smiggle.

The biggest problem with the Just Group lies in their refusal to join the Bangladesh Accord on Fire and Building Safety. This accord was set up to ensure worker’s safety in factory buildings in Bangladesh, where the Just Group have been found found to source their products/labour. According to the Daily Mail, it is the last out 0018630of 10 big fashion companies to still have resisted urges from unions and non-profits to join the accord. If you ask us, this sounds just a little bit too suspicious…

Oxfam has also unleashed a public campaign against Just Group pressuring them for better transparency and to engage in procedures that ensure the safety of their workers. Have a look at Oxfam’s communication with the Just Group here.

It is clear to see that they are not completely answering the questions asked. While they have attempted to justify their ethical standing with production – the Just Group still have not answered why they haven’t joined the Bangladesh Accords… and of course, there is no sign of WHEN they will be doing it either.

Keep this in mind the next time you step into a Jay Jays, Portmans, Smiggle or Just Jeans store and think to yourself, is your next purchase really worth it?

Have a look at Oxfam’s list of Australian names that have joined the Bangladesh accord as the first step to ensure ethical fashion!

It’s time to just #CutTheSweat.

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