Let’s take things slow… fashion.

As our campaign comes to an end, Cut The Sweat would like to take things a little slow… while fast fashion has been a large focus of our campaign, we’d like to leave you with a movement that we believe will leave an impact on ethical fashion in the future – Slow Fashion. As a partial solution to our problem, the Slow Fashion movement is an emerging initiative that goes against all that Fast Fashion proposes.

Not only does it focus on ethical production, it also emphasises the idea of environmental sustainability and wastage. It does this by urging designers to put more thought into their supply chain and transparency and designing for longevity – as opposed to fast fashion whose focus is on rapidly turning over trends.

Benefits of slow fashion include:

  • Slower production schedule = less demands for overworked labour
  • Transparency in production
  • Ethical trading
  • Reduced/Minimal wastage
  • Reduced/Minimal environmental impact
  • Giving value to designers and their work due to a lower turnover cycle

Cut The Sweat supports the slow fashion movement especially in the face of its ethical benefits. What we have highlighted throughout our campaign is inherently linked to the efforts of slow fashion and we urge everyone to jump on board this worthy movement!

Cut the Sweat has connected with In Defence of Slow Fashion, another fantastic slow fashion campaign to give you this post, so be sure to head over to their site to check out the exciting aspects of Slow Fashion!

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